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Bugger T_T Read PLEASE! Empty Bugger T_T Read PLEASE!

Post  Yaki on Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:43 pm

ok so i have a comment... TOOO many unnescessary npcs in the fm... 2 points. 1. misleading - i was just on and checking out every single npc... i only got up to lens broker who i obviously need a look change and i was unaware that i would lag so i went in... i lagged and now stuck, dcing everytime i go in(the common log in bug) and i need some help but no one to help... no gm or another player online... except guardian who was afk at the time... a side suggestion here is to find a way to fix this without a gm as we all have lives and need to take breaks from games... a fixer on the site is good, though leaves us wide open to SQL injection(many great examples).... i have yet to be familiarize with coding so i cant help... i'll leave the smart ones here to help figure this out... 2. space occupied which may result in players frustration - ok so i believe from my experience, TONS of player love to hang out in the fm and chat, but apparently with the npc and the dialogues popping, its not very pleasing. solution... keep only the ABSOLUTE must keeps and the ones which makes us unique(some says speedms still lol) and remove the rest, then leave only all in1(npc AND shop) and banker outside as they are common uses, while others such as kin and all that should be placed within FM1 as its common for people to recognize the position, as well we dont normally place spawners in fm1, the rest is surely spawners, even though its soo common, as the server grow, the demand for spawners is obvious.

i hope at least SOME are taken into consideration as i do have faith and hope that the server grows into a legendary server.

Your sincerely - Yaki
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